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Here in San Francisco we are blessed with a temperate and mild climate.

Cool ocean and bay waters draw in the early morning and late evening fog providing us relief from the typically hot arid climate found inland. These same ocean and bay properties act to insulate the city’s neighborhoods in the wintertime, keeping our temps mild and above freezing. This unique climate varies within our many neighborhoods creating micro-climates, each with their own special atmosphere. Knowing the micro-climates of the many neighborhoods here in San Francisco is an important consideration when creating and caring for your garden.

Gardens breathe life into our lives! Urban development has taken our natural environment away leaving us very limited space for any form of life other than our own. Every opportunity to introduce plant life should be utilized. Gardens can provide a setting for many different activities. Whether it be for children’s play, a relaxing get away or a place to entertain, Any outside area can be become an extension of your indoor living space. Roof tops, decks and balconies can provide space for growing a garden, even if only to be visually admired gardens can calm and sooth and heal our well being.

SAN FRANCISCO GARDEN MAN can create a garden of any theme to satisfy your desire. Even the most neglected outside area can become a beautiful vision anyone would be proud to show. Gardens to resemble a Tropical jungle, a Japanese tea garden, an English border garden or a Traditional San Francisco style garden can be designed as you please. Specialty gardens including Perennial gardens, Formal gardens, Heirloom gardens, Desert gardens, Rock gardens, Shade gardens, Water gardens, Wildlife gardens and many more are easily created to your specifications and tailored to meet your needs.

For those who have established plantings the value of care and maintenance should not be overlooked. Be it once or twice a year or monthly or even weekly, your garden deserves the attention and care that SAN FRANCISCO GARDEN MAN can provide. We have a keen eye for detail and an old fashion work ethic. When these qualities are combined along with our hands on knowledge the results are nothing short of absolutely incredible.

Need a new look? Garden Makeovers are a great choice for people who are interested in revitalizing an old rundown or neglected garden. SAN FRANCISCO GARDEN MAN specializes in garden makeovers. Adding new plants and features to the already established is a great way to put some excitement into your yard. Conserving plants and recycling materials is always a consideration when reworking a garden, offering you all the options every step of the way to create your new garden, and keep it affordable as well.

Let us help with our professional and friendly service. We have over 20 years experience in your neighborhood and the surrounding Bay Area. We offer a multitude of services from one-time cleanups to regular scheduled maintenance and care. We offer expert pruning service for your trees, shrubs, roses and vines. We have the ability to keep your garden blooming year round by selecting and planting perennials and annuals which are best suited for your specific micro-climate and exposure. We offer competitive rates and free estimates.

Garden Design, Irrigation, Garden Lighting, Water features, Garden Walks and Pathways, Play Houses, Garden Walls, Patios and Pavers, Ponds and Fire Pits, Fences of all kinds. Care and Maintenance, and much, much more...




P O Box 881373 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94188

email  voice/text 415-713-9912

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